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See my n00dz YO

Application YO
Name: Amelia
Age: Fifteen and one quarter
Location: Jupitah Floridah (Jupiter, Florida)
Education: Uhh I'm a sophmore in highschool. So I guess I've finished up to 9th grade?
Do you make the scene? I guess. Why not? I go to local shows...
Where do you shop? Good will, Ross, TJ Maxx (Represent!) I'm cheap. They're only clothes... I get band tees and everything else online though and that gets pricey...
List some bands (no more than ten): A Static Lullaby, brand new, bright eyes, TBS, Thursday, Blink 182(yes, I like them), From Autumn to Ashes, Dashboard, Rufio, GlassJAw
Least favorite band: Evanescence or Sublime
Favorite lyric:
"forever is such an unpleasant word
it begins to eat you, from the inside out
blood stains on the wall, beg for sleep
as the noose is tied around your neck"
- Poison the Well, A Wish For Things That Work

Last show attended: There was this charity show thing with a ton of local bands. I suppose that counts. Some of the bands- Hit Show, Odd Man Out, Boxelder, The Curve, Adam's Out, The Trophy Year... If that doesn't count then this one show at the Kelsey club (One of our local rock clubs in Jupitah) with Forget Me Not, Words Now Heard, Fallen From the Sky and more.
Favorite foods: Mac and Cheese is the SEX. Pasta also. Bread is the greatest.
Pet peeves: When people take my stuff or go through it. ARG! And when boyfriends are jerks :-(
Favorite books: Interview with a Vampire - Anne Rice, Harry Potter!, Cut, Go Ask Alice, The Client - John Grisham, Transall Saga!
What are two things you want to do before you die? Get a tattoo and thn show it off (i'd feel cool then :D)
Tell us one interesting fact about yourself: I have a kitty and he's the COOLEST. And I write, but I haven't updated in 854367264 years axlonelyxstar I try...
What is your idea of a perfect date or night out? Taco Bell. Cool Show. Lying in some random patch of grass and look at the pretty stars with my love heehee. :-) I'm a dork.
This or That:
Blake Sennet or Jenny Lewis? Whose that!?
Paris Hilton or Nicky Hilton? Paris is hot shit
Pineapple or Kiwi? Kiwi! In new zealand theyre not called New Zealanders.. they're called kiwis! I went there this summer its so cool! Yeah, just in case you wanted to know...
"Tragic Kingdom" No Doubt or "Rock Steady" No Doubt? Rock Steady
Have you seen the Vagina Monologues? STFU
What do you think of when we say the following:
-Wendell: A butler, or a windmill...
- The Backstreet Boys: FAG I never liked them. Spice girls are so hXc. <3
- Gas masks: Bush. Or some political punk band like Anti Flag? I don't know why.
Are you sassy? ::asks my friend:: Yep ^_^
Who did you promote us to? cute_n_seckc


Me in my pretty dress form homecoming last year! (Even though at the last minute I decided it was lame and didnt go)

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