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Name: Toby
Age: 17
Location: GA
Education: Vegetable
Do you make the scene? yes, i wear tight pants
Where do you shop? express, limited 2, victoria secret,
List some bands (no more than ten): Hanson, KoRn, MxPx, Def Lepord, Dave Mathews Band, The Aquabats
Least favorite band: Simple Plan
Favorite lyric:

"Now listen
These are things
Your mama shouldn´t know
These are things
I really wanna show
These are things
I wanna show you how
So won´t you let me show you right now
Oooh, baby

And if you wanna get it done
Babe you gotta get the one
The one who´s got it goin on
And if you wanna make it last
Gotta know just who to ask
Baby´s got to be the best
And that´s me and my"

by the Backstreet Boys

Last show attended: well i took Ally to The Unicorns and that is the last one that matters, DUH.
Favorite foods: Ally, god, she is so f*cking tasty.
Pet peeves: Ally, damn 13 year old fucking annoys me.
Favorite books: karma sutra for dummies, sex for dummies, how to please a guy orally 101 new found ways, The Secret Dirty Underground of Harry Potter(explict version), Little Women
What are two things you want to do before you die?
a. marry Ally (lj user="dyke_march">
b. confess my undying love to Ally dyke_march
Tell us one interesting fact about yourself: I have 3 nipples.
What is your idea of a perfect date or night out?
fucking like rabbits under the stars
This or That:
Blake Sennet or Jenny Lewis? Ally
Paris Hilton or Nicky Hilton? Ally
Pineapple or Kiwi? Pineapple
"Tragic Kingdom" No Doubt or "Rock Steady" No Doubt? "Hanson" by Hanson
Have you seen the Vagina Monologues? ASTFY!
What do you think of when we say the following:
-Wendell: ryan davis
- The Backstreet Boys: hott guys
- Gas masks: Ally
Are you sassy? no, but Ally is and that's fine for me.
Who did you promote us to? no one.
Post 3+ pictures

*** i can't say see my n00dz cause i see, i dont have any n00dz and if i did Ally would be the first one to get them, so fuck off.
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